Sheila Urbanoski

"loving the spider"

I am a London (UK) based project manager with two decades of experience in the production and successful delivery of complex online and digital projects. I offer excellent communication, leadership and management ability with senior level hands-on technical and creative skills. I have held both permanent and freelance positions with clients of all sizes within the public and private sectors, and through my company SheShe continue to work for charities, non-profits and smaller businesses.

I am the Director of SheShe Ltd, which has been producing independent film, video and now almost exclusively, web projects since 1995. Many of these projects have involved mentoring and education, in an effort to empower people in the production, maintenance and ownership of online media.

Sheshe specialises in working with small businesses, charities and artists. My happy clients have included Jane Prophet, Timebank, Rosetta Requiem, Alexa Wright, the Heritage Orchestra, la societe des plantes, Skidmore, Susse Handbags, the Independent Film and Video Alliance, Malkin Raku Art, the Amazing Amazons film, RapidUK, the Boy Scouts, and others.

Prior to moving to the UK in 1998, I worked as an independent producer and video artist. I have been working online since the web began (1993!), initially as a developer and designer, then focussing more and more on management and production. I was a founding member of three artist-run media access centres and two internet startups in Canada. I have been the grateful recipient of regional and national grants and awards for my work as a media artist, and have exhibited extensively in the USA, Canada and Europe.